Why can’t people think what I want them to think. Like, just understand me, just wanna grab them and explain myself to them and clear any wrong thoughts. Like “I AM A NICE PERSON” we can be friends, we can be chilled, you can talk to me, you can trust me, I wanna trust you, I wanna be chilled with you. But then… why do I really care? Am I being desperate? Am I desperate? UGH I just don’t want people thinking anything wrong. I don’t want to be disliked. But how do you keep everyone happy. If it affects you being true to yourself. 


The struggle 

Maintaining an equation with people that drink AND people that don’t.  Are you “neither here nor there” – do you have two sides to you then? Is that a bad thing?  Wanna go out have fun – BUT don’t wanna be judged, be annoying, not be “myself”, not be perceived as not being a decent…

Want it both ways

Dunno who I am Wanna keep a friendship vs Why do I bother its effort Wanna be happy and please people, make them have a good time around me vs Wanna go ou not with these people.

Want to explain myself so people don’t misunderstood

I’ve changed. I don’t think like that anymore.  The past me would be quick to judge and form an opinion because I was so sure of myself.  Now I’m not.  Oh so now she doesn’t think that  But you used to do this and say that    ^ that was me Now the people I…